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Fallout 3

Hey, this is Conor. I'll be in white.

If this is what to expect from 2012, bring it on.

Fallout 3, as you might expect, has the same set scenario as its predecessors – America has been struck by total nuclear annihilation and is now making the most of what it’s been left with. But don’t worry – as before, sealed underground bunkers called “Vaults” have been constructed by loony conspiracy theorists that call themselves “Vault Tec” – bunkers that have remained completely unaffected and sterile by the bombs.

The game begins with a lovely squelching sound and a blood spattered screen as you slide into the world. After two minutes of your delightful existence (During which time you choose what to look like, whether or not you have a penis, and how old you’ll look at 19) your mother suddenly dies of childbirth, and you are wheeled out of the room, coming back in at Vault 101 one year later. For the first bit of the game, dubbed by some as the tutorial stage, you come in at key days for the first 19 years of your life underground, including your 10th birthday party, and the funniest school test you’re ever likely to take. Anyway, long story short, your Dad has left the vault, something unhead of by the residents – and now, they want to bring you in for questioning and a nice cup of bullet to the brain. So, which you following him you leave the vault – and step out into the open expanse known as the capital wasteland (Capital because this is the area surrounding Washington DC). Now, Bethesda is the company that brought us Oblivion, so graphics are expected to look as magnificent as a destroyed civilisation should – and they don’t disappoint, with even the great landmarks of America’s capital including (although predictably they have been reduced to a shell of their former selves). So you step out into this wasteland, and plunder after Dad into the apocalypse.

OK, so the first thing you’ll notice out of the vault is that pretty much everything has been destroyed, but society has risen from the ashes and for some reason are still trying to kill each other. Pretty much straight out you are introduced to the levelling system of Fallout, which is good enough for the constant RPG player but simplistic enough not to scare those people you picked it up purely because it’s a FPS. Every time you level, you are given 15 points to spend in certain aspects such as your skill with guns, how well you can lockpick a door (Yes, locks do exist) and how good you are at creeping along the floor and stealing the clothes off another persons body without them noticing. You also get to choose one “Perk” each time you level – ranging from “Solar Powered” which helps you slowly regenerate health in direct sunlight (And there’s a lot of it, it never seems to rain) to the immensely fun “Bloody Mess” which helps you do more damage with all weapons, but the real reason to get it is the watch every enemy to kill explode into organs and shower the walls with blood.

Like Oblivion, Bethesda have put quests into this game – for all you CoD frequents, a quest is basically an objective to achieve. You don’t have to do them, and this is good – there’s a main quest, but you don’t have to do it until whenever you like (In fact, if you even attempt this quest before level 5 and not done any other quests then you will most likely get the shit blown out of you when you first step into urban Washington DC). But, of course, to progress in the game, quests are essential, and each quest comes with a giant XP reward that contributes towards levelling up. My criticism here is that there are not enough quests – Oblivion had some where all you had to do was walk across the room and decapitate some poor bastard trying to enjoy a pint whilst here they are spread far across the land although the average quest is decent in length and most will give you at least 30 minutes play time.

Another point to make, and you better get to grips with this, is the VATS system. I hated Fallout 3 when I first played it, because guns were so unsteady and weak spots were so hard to hit without taking a huge chunk out of your ammo supply. As soon as I figured VATS out, I started loving it – it basically freezes time whilst you choose what part of your opponents body you want your character to shoot at, depending on how far away and how clear a view you have will contribute to whether you hit or not – and you can do this about three times until your action points (or AP) run out, and then you have to rely on manual aiming whilst your action points recharge to use it again (Action Points are basically fuel for VATS). And there are no iron sights in this game – so you better be damn good with a controller.

Another point there is to cover is the Karma system. This is basically a scale of good and evil – good deeds will get you good karma (Such as helping the protagonists in quests) and bad deeds (Such as the murder of innocent people). Needless to say, it’s more fun to be bad, but I myself when I play a game am a person with a conscience that tells me to do good things. The Karma system is basically good for two things – Passing “Speech checks” – if your karma is just right, people will tell you things that may lead to easier completion of quests - and acquiring a follower – Certain people will only follow you if you are an evil character or a good character). Other than that, if you decide you like the bad Karma reputation, then you can just enjoy the sentiment of being a bastard.

So, to sum up this review, Fallout 3 is a game definitely worth buying if you are into the RPG genre, or indeed, the FPS genre. This is brilliant fun for the person who thinks on a day to day that they would be able to survive in an apocalypse. Awesome gameplay, and although as I write New Vegas has just come out (Broken Xbox ftl) beforehand, it definitely made me excited for it.

Score – 8/10

+ Great game play, can be played for months before you do everything there is to do.

+ Familiar RPG system combined with a popular genre (FPS)

Glitches – Getting stuck in the rocks of the wasteland isn’t very fun at all.

- “Copy and Paste” feel about the landscape (“Hey, I saw that rock before!”)

Operation: Anchorage

Hey there, im Sean and i play the PS3. all my posts will be in yellow and I hope you enjoy, anyway onto Operation: Anchorage

Following the unprecedented success of Fallout 3, Bethesda decided to grace us with some extra download able goodies. That's where Operation: Anchorage comes in! The first of the Fallout 3 Expansions, Operation Anchorage adds a team based theme to the game.

So here's the story. Da Lone Wanderer (or Pedro, as he is known on mine) is shuflin' around in the wastes like usual, when he comes across a strange radio broadcast from inside DC ruins. The signal tell him to go to Baileys Crossroad (but is actually supposed to be a secret). With a bit more shuflin' through some ghoul infested underground, you reach the secret rendezvous point. Greeting you with open arm (you wish) is the horribly pessimistic and often hurtful Outcast, who basically tell you to fuck off. However, seeing the Pip-Boy on your arm, they hatch a fiendish plan to use you to their own ends, possibly culminating in you being maimed or killed. However, that's by-the-by. You go inside and meet McGraw, who tells you that they are there to get some AWESOME gear from a locked cupboard. The only way to get into said cupboard is to do a military grade virtual reality simulator, that  plays out America's greatest victory in the war, Anchorage (you can see that memorial near Grandma Sparkles). After strapping in to the do-hickey, you are sent into a deep sleep by the  watsa-majigg, and appear near thingy-bob. After many (three) daring missions, you defeat the Chinese and are sent back. You go to claim your reward, but for some inexplicable reason, some of the Outcasts do a mutiny against McGraw, and all the outcasts end up dead (some by your hand). You go back in and get a cool sword, a big gun, some sneaky invisible armor, a spiky knife and, best of all, a set of Winterized T51-b Power Armor. Cool. Job done!

As the game is only an add-on, the game play features are similar to the original, with some minor differences. One of the main ones is that in the simulator, you cannot actually pick up any ammo or stimpaks, as health and ammo are dispensed by big machines. Also, weapon are never fully owned. The dispensers are covered in a red glow, that makes it stick out like neon testicle. Also, the add-on gives the player the opportunity to command an elite squad of soldiers. This works like the companions (like Fawkes) in the full game, but on a bigger scale. This helps to add a twist to game and keep it fresh (even though it is entirely optional ).

However, it isn't without its faults. The biggest of these is the inability to use a current Fallout 3 save game (this is a recurring problem for all of the Fallout Add-On's). You see, when Bethesda made the add-ons, they neglected to make sure all of the files were fully compatible with the old game. It can be run with an existing save, however, this causes graphical issues, freezing and, unfathomably, it actually makes the Add-On more difficult. This could easily be sorted by a patch on PC, but on a PS3 like mine, this can be very irritating (a fact that Ethan WILL relish). The only way to solve this is to start new, and delete your possible level 20.

So, if you loved starting new games on Fallout 3, or were particularly fast at leveling, or don't mind trying to kill impossible enemies, I strongly recommend you getting any of the expansions, especially Operation: Anchorage. However, if you really don't want to do any of the above, I'd steer clear. But if you stay away from it for just that reason, you're a fag. Just start new. It isn't very hard.                     


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

  James here, if you couldn't already tell. Time for my first review! Better get started.
  Ah, Guitar Hero. Safe haven for all of the creatures on this earth who wish to rock like a god without actually having to learn an instrument. Well, creatures with opposable thumbs at least. This is the latest release for Guitar Hero, and the last before the creators of the games, RedOctane & Neversoft are Closed by Activision. They should have put their all into it then, presumably?
  Well, the premise of the game is actually good for a Guitar Hero (from here on in, to be known as GH, or in some circumstances including the names of the separate titles), being that it actually has a story! SHOCK, HORROR, BABY DEATH, THE APOCALYPSE. All these could be caused by/ the cause of trying to put a story to such a simple game. It'd be like trying to change the story to Pokemon. It just wouldn't work. Anyway, back to GH (see the seamless change?).
  Right, the story itself is narrated by Gene Simmons, most famous for his time as the bassist for KISS, but is now a self proclaimed "brand". This, to be fair, isn't the most positive point for the game, as I hate Gene Simmons with every fibre of my being. He seems to believe all the money in the world should belong to him, and as a self-confessed fan of free file-sharing, I find this quite annoying. But yeah, in terms of the game, it means at the start of each level you have to listen to his blood curdling voice telling you about all of the heroes, then after the level is complete, hear him tell you that you just complete the level. YOU CAN'T SKIP IT. You have to listen to him. That's at least 1 mark off.
  The story itself, is that a great warrior is fighting a beast of some nature, and loses. He gets frozen into stone, you need to get his guitar working again so that you can resurrect him. This consists of going round a few gigs, each of them having one of the GH veterans you've grown to know and love over the last 5 games. This time, they all have demon forms "whooooooooooo" (ghostly sound), that are unlocked by (you'll never guess) completing each gig. Then they change into demon form & you play the encore. Yeah, I know. It's very genre-defining. Here's the catch though, each "warrior" has their own special ability. These consists of things like your combos not breaking if you only miss 1 or 2 notes, you having lives on songs, your maximum multiplier is increased, the rate you get star power is increased, etc. And, when you change to demon form, these powers get amplified. The problem with this is that they're overpowered. Once you complete the game, you get all of the powers combined on every song you play. It's a challenge to fail the song with that type of power at your disposal!
  You go through about 4 levels of this, then you hit the high point of the game. No matter how many more games they make of GH, Rock Band, Band Hero, Vuvuzela Hero, you name it, they wont be able to beat what they did for this game. It's the single greatest thing on any game I've played in a long time. I'd rank it up there with the battle with Ganon on Ocarina of Time. Actually, no I wouldn't, but it's a pretty good moment. Rush's 2112, all 22 glorious minutes of it played in each of the 7 acts, with commentary of the story from Geddy Lee in between each song. Pure bliss. I failed it multiple times on expert drums, but by God I had fun. 
Directly after this level though, was possibly the worst part of the game. Actually, second worst, but we'll get to the worst later. The level containing songs by My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. The two artists who made me not want to get this game. To be fair to them, they're pretty fun to play if you forget about the music. But with the music, it's just horrible. The next few levels have good songs though. AFI, Alter Bridge, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold. Bat Country was one of the main selling points of the game for me, and it didn't disappoint. 
  Right. NOW I can describe the worst level on the game to you. Megadeth. Not 1, not 2, but 3 songs by Megadeth. Good lord. The fact is, you don't just have to be able to finish them, you have to get a certain score or above to "complete" the song and "fill up the guitar", whatever that meant. If you failed (which I did several times) you get Gene Simmons popping up again saying "But it was not enough". GARGGSGFDHHFHAHDASHDKASJHDAJKDAFUCK. I don't need this. It's bad enough they're making me play Megadeath without having to play them multiple times over. You can't even pay attention to the cool backing video of the warrior kicking the beasts ass back to 1912. To be fair, the result of completing this is unlocking some really cool songs. Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants is one of the best songs on that game, and the humour that was achieved by my drum kit skidding across the floor as a result of me trying to keep up with the kick drum in If You Want Peace... Prepare For War was incredible. 
  And that's the thing with GH. It doesn't matter how bad the game is, nor how much of a re-hash it is of the last game, in an attempt to do some real cashing in, it only really matters about the songs included on the game, and to it's advantage, this game does have many amazing songs. The ones I've already mentioned are great, but there's also songs like Lasso - Pheonix that provide endless amount of fun. My favourite song to play on the drums at the moment is No Way Back by Foo Fighters. It's just the right amount of difficulty for it so remain immensely fun to play, yet be quite challenging. 
  One thing that annoyed me about the "quest mode" was that you could only have 1 game. If I couldn't play a song on the drums, it didn't really matter, because I could just switch to guitar and gold star it first try. Don't question why, I just can. If I was as good at life as I was at GH I'd be doing a hell of a lot better than I am as it is.
The thing is, I think it's got to the stage with GH that it just bores me. I've played all the songs a few times over, I've had my share of elation from it, now it's gone. I suppose it's just because nothing really changes. All the true "great" franchises in gaming bring something new to the game with each release (i.e. Metal Gear Solid has constantly gave new challenges to each new game with new settings, challenges and from time to time new characters to play as), or they've hit the peak of all gaming stories with a premise that never gets old and people never tire of. Games like Pokemon & Zelda are examples of this. Argue as you will that in each generation of the games they've introduced new stuff, but Gamefreak have been remaking Red & Blue for 20 years, and Nintendo have just been remaking Ocarina of Time. Not that I have anything against this, it's just how it is. GH has a story that isn't too brilliant for remakes. There's nothing they've done in this game that is any different from any of the last 2 games since they've introduced the rest of the band.
  I haven't played any online for this, but I can 100% assure you that it'll be exactly the same as the online play for GH5.

I give this game a:


+ RUSH (Good lord, I think this is about 5 of the marks on it's own)
+ New songs, that to be fair, could have just been released on DLC.
- Gene Simmons. 

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Demon's Souls

Hey guys its Connor (not Conor) oh and before we start the punctuation will be terrible due to the fact i have no comma key  and have to use a ds stylus to work it don’t ask .
Now fortunately I have all of the all gaming platforms from handheld gba’s  to monster like pc's so my reviews will be all over the shop :P. Oh yeah and another thing i will be mainly on the youtube channel of the blog because they like to exile me from the page and plus  i do the audio reviews but for future reference when you see purple font it’s me :D

So down to the good stuff.  my review is on demon’s souls for the playstation 3 i will be referring to demons souls as DS throughout this review so shape up :D.

ok so let me start by saying  DS is difficult no sorry it’s very difficult but with some time, dedication and a lot of new controllers you will triumph over this game. The story is bewildering to most people but basically the kingdom of boletaria is surrounded by a mysterious fog that has summoned demons and took over the entire kingdom. The kingdom is consisted of 5 worlds known as archstones and within these worlds are 4 areas so world 1-1,1-2,1-3 a bit like Mario but with one castle and no princess. The task of your character is to destroy the demons and collect the “demon’s souls” hence the name.

in case you’ve not really noticed the game is a rpg. A eastern rpg not to be confused with a JRPG that’s a totally different ball game anyway down to the the game. So the game is rpg so you have to pick a character to play as from a dirty thief to a spoilt rotten royal to a hurr durr barbarian yes this game has it all. The game is “mostly” single player if you play it offline. However  it doesn’t give you the option to play offline single player whilst signed in on psn so  you have to play online which is where another difficulty comes in the other players buts that’s for later so I’ll stick to single player for now.  The games tutorial vaguely explains how to play by telling you to how to  attack,block,dodge the “basics” if you will however it doesn’t tell you the way to approach a “fodder” enemy (usually a weak enemy that the game spams you with).  Literally a fodder enemy will kill you within two hits maybe three if you’re lucky. Any enemy must be taken with extreme caution and a tactics ready for him which is why the game takes so damn long because if you die you have to start at the beginning of the level apparently that pissed off jimmy so he stopped  playing  :D

 another thing the game lacked for me was structure you could take on any world at any time which is a bit unsettling for example I worked my way through world 1-2 running across a battlement of a castle dodging fire breathing dragons to get to the boss man “tower knight” and be instantly flattened tea bagged and have my corpse treated like a sex doll which was extremely frustrating  and yet this was world 1-2 still the beginning  of the game. And this wasn’t even the hard part of the game. 

I hear you saying “multi-player what rpg has multiplayer accept WoW omg WOW NEEEERRRRD!!... well Ethan and jimmy probably might say that  but meh screw em) the multiplayer has 4 functions  Piss You Off ,Piss You Off ,Piss you off and oh yeah PISS YOU OFF.

Pretty much if you’ve died within the world you will return as a spirit with nothing this is where you can put your “soul stone” down so you become a Banksy of your world tagging the floors so people can summon you to their would but none of them do because their either arrogant or just good at the game and on the rare occasion you do get summoned the guy that summons you sucks and I mean walk into walls sucks.
A second feature is that you get  to invade another person’s world “attempt” to kill them steal their souls (the currency of DS), decrease their level and get your body back   but that all goes tits up when you get pwned by a Japanese god at the game and you loose a level and end up back at square -1.
The third function of the online is where you leave little messages for each other like lovelorn couples “beware of fall ahead” (placed next a gaping hole) “use fire on an enemy” ( I love you) but this also goes tits up because people just spam you with “PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS MESSAGE” due to the fact when your message gets recommended your character gets so happy with himself that somebody loves them they get a power boost.
And finally the worst part of the online in the dark depressing world of tower of latria (3-1,3-2,3-3) you can place your souls stone anywhere and if no-one summons you the “old monk” the boss of the world will make you his bitch to kill other players instead of him doing it now this is an awesome feature t it works both ways 9 times out of ten you get raped (refer to “tower knight experience)

The most difficult aspect of the game is when you finally complete it the games restarts back at word 1-1 like you’ve just started playing again but this time it’s called DS+ with enemies 50% harder than usual and this goes on up to 7 times with everything getting 8% harder on every subsequent play through if that doesn’t make your jaw drop you need therapy. 

I don’t think most people would think that I actually love this game surprisingly yeah it has its faults but its damn good I enjoyed this game so much and yes I did complete it took me a game time of 24hrs to do so around 2 months of on and off playing and to round up here’s a boss scenario describe.
AHHEM (cough cough)  ok so its world 5-3 I think it’s the last level where you face maiden astrea but no wait theres another boss wtf 2 boss’s. so its garl vinaland there is loads of pathways really high up but if you fall from there you will fall into a pit of blood where you instantly catch the plague get swarmed by dead foetus’s (plague babies) and die and it doesn’t help that you fight garl on a path the same size as an anorexic model and his weapon is massive this part took me 4 hours to do and I lost track of how many times I died.

Overall Rating 9.0
+ Awesome Game
+ Actually challenging
-          Bad online
-          VERY CHEESY STORY e.g “your our last hope”
-          Bad Voice Acting

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Medal Of Honor (2010)

I am Jimmy, and I am a Playstation guy! :D I have always been a Playstation fan and always will. None of that Microsoft crap... We all know that Playstation is the superior console right. Yep, yep.....yep. Thought so! Now that is out the way I just thought I would say that I play a variety of different games but mainly the shooting and adventure games (Uncharted, Unreal Tournament, Ratchet and Clank, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Metal Gear Solid). I love my retro games and I like to play them now and then and swim in a nice pool of nostalgia :P Yum! Also, I one day hope to own a copy of Tombi! A great game it has to be said :) All of my blog posts and reviews will be in green, now for my first review, enjoy!

Medal Of Honor: A game from the past? I think not!
That’s right, the original war time first person shooter is back but with the shift from the world wars of old to the modern battlefield of Afghanistan. This game has been hyped for the past year and people have gone as far to say that it’s a potential COD killer. But does it deliver?
For the most part, yes. The single player campaign is exciting though a bit stale but is very enjoyable nevertheless (besides, when was the last revolutionary FPS?). The graphics look great as it uses a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3 which we all know and love. However, this engine brings with it odd graphical issues like bits of pop-in and rendering issues, and I have encountered various frame-rate issues. Luckily there aren’t any game breaking glitches such as freezing or getting caught in the environment (unlike a certain *cough cough* Fallout 3 *cough cough*).

Each mission is varied and includes something new to keep you entertained rather than having repetitive levels of shooting the same enemies in various dusty locations. Some missions are stealthy which require you to think before shooting, some are vehicle based which brings a breath of fresh air to the game no matter how simple they are, and some missions are all out guns-blazing, shooting the shit out of the enemy for the 30 or so minutes it takes you to complete each mission. The story in the game is almost nonexistent, it is pretty much a “killing terrorists because its your job” kind of plot so if you are after a big complex plot with plenty of twists, you won’t be happy. At least EA attempted to make a plot as they have thrown in some pretty cutscenes, however these aren’t to be much cared about as they aren’t very interesting and are mainly talking between two boss men. BORING! However (and don’t call me a pussy for this), I did find the ending of the story to be very emotional, especially when it talks about the actual soldiers that are fighting for us day after day.

I only have a few problems with the single player campaign with my first being that it is all too easy. I managed to complete the game on hard on my first play through and only died a few times. I was after a challenge and all I got was a walk through the park. Secondly, the story mode is far too short. I managed to complete it in just over 4 hours. Though, I did enjoy those 4 hours of my life and I will replay the story I few more times. Lastly, the enemy AI is patchy. Sometimes it offers a small challenge but for the most part it is bad and just won’t know that you are there despite you firing off a couple of bullets behind an enemy’s head.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign despite its short comings. It was exciting for me and incorporated enough variety and set pieces to keep me on the edge of my seat, especially one certain mission that involved a huge ambush on your small group of troops. I feel as though it has a fair bit of replay value though I don’t think a second playthrough would give me the same amount of excitement. All in all, it was fun singleplayer experience!

Now onto the multiplayer, the same multiplayer that has been said to kick CODs ass. Is it really that good? Well the answer is...yes! After all, COD is a skid mark on the shreddies of online FPS games.

First off, this game is NOT revolutionary neither does it include a unique feature for online gaming that will make it stand out from the rest. So now that we have got that put out there, let’s have a look at the multiplayer. The first thing that is noticeable is that it is near identical to Battlefield Bad Company 2 (which is understandable due to the fact that DICE have developed it). While I was never a battlefield fan, I have enjoyed MOH multiplayer. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just a bloody good game. The graphics are great as the multiplayer utilises the Frostbite engine (found in the Battlefield: Bad Company games). Everything looks realistic which is a great feel to have as the game makes you feel as though you are in the middle of a battlefield. Guns look great as do character models so the multiplayer aspect ticks all boxes for presentation.

There are 4 game modes online: Team Assault – basic team deathmatch, Sector Control – controlling various places within the map to gain points, Combat Mission – carrying out various objectives against the enemy, Objective Raid – where two objectives have to be defended/attacked depending on your team. As well as these, there is an alternative mode called Hardcore which gives the player certain game modes to play but with added realism (no HUD, crosshairs etc.). All these game modes are fun and I don’t have complaints with any of them.
Upon spawning in a match, you are given the option to play as a ‘Rifleman’, ‘Special Ops’ or ‘Sniper’. Each class has its own set of weapons and so your choice of class all depends on your playing strengths. There is the ability to customise each class so you can change weapons as well as add-ons to your guns in order to create your perfect weapon choices. However, these weapons and add-ons have to be unlocked through levelling up within each class. The more XP you get in a match as that class, the more you level up so there is a point in the levelling up system. XP is gained from doing various actions during a match such as killing an enemy, controlling a sector, getting a headshot etc. so there is never a problem getting XP (unless you awful at playing the game). When earning XP in matches, your support action score goes up too. The more score you get, the more killstreaks you unlock to help you and your team win the match. You always have a choice of two killstreaks so it all depends on your personal choice. Killstreaks range from mortor strikes, to UAV’s to Rockets. Killstreaks get better the more action score you get so if you have a long killstreak, you will be greatly rewarded.

The level design is excellent in this game. Each map is fresh and new and offers various playing tactics and styles to suit each one. There is never really any camping spots as there is always a way to reach the camper which is very good news (unless you are a dirty camper >_> ). There is a clear difference between each map and no samey environments that look like they have been copied and pasted.

Like with the singleplayer, I have a few problems. Spawn trapping is a big problem. This can happen all too often and it really pisses you off if you are part of the team who are getting blown to shit the second you spawn. Though if you are on the team who are blowing the team to shit, it’s very good and gives easy XP. But alas, nobody likes a cheater. Hopefully this will be sorted in the near future via an update. Another problem is that I would have liked a few extra game modes to add more longevity to the multiplayer. While I don’t think I will be affected much by the lack of game modes, it would just be nice to have a wider variety of matches to spice up my gaming session. My other problem is that there is usually a delay when being killed. You might be getting shot and then you run away thinking you’re out of the clear only to find out that you were killed before you became safe. This annoys!

Though I do have these problems, they are only minor and don’t stop the multiplayer from being fantastic and fun every time you play. I haven’t been able to put it down once I have started playing and I can definitely see myself playing this a lot over the coming months.
Medal of Honor certainly gives the series the boost it so desperately needed and I really hope that a sequel comes along in the not so distant future, though I do believe that one is on the cards gathering from the ending of the singleplayer. I am excited to see what a sequel will bring and I am hoping that it will improve on the odd niggles that I have with it.

I give this game 8.5/10

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hi There.

Right. This is just a post to start off this little blog. Well, not little for long, we hope!
The main aim of this is to show our love for games, and generally share that with the world. Hey, we're not Pitchfork, but we can sure try!
"We" consists of 7 people. James (me), Conor, Ethan, Jimmy, Sean, Antony & Connor. We've all chosen specified areas too! We should fall into them in a bit. At first we'll just be doing a few to get into the mood of things.
  • James - Handheld/ Online
  • Conor - Xbox360/ iPod apps
  • Ethan - PC/ Retro Nintendo 
  • Jimmy - PS3
  • Sean - PS3/PS2/PS3
  • Connor - Xbox360
  • Antony - Wii
We think we've got a lot of bases covered here. But there's always room for more. Maybe a Wii? We can all use a Wii from time to time.
Anyway, that's just an brief introduction from me. You should get to know us all a whole lot better in the future!
To get to know us faster, here's our twitters:
@DeadOnYourHead (James)
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And yeah, this is how you'll be seeing my posts. Helvetica & orange. I'm obviously hardcore. You'll get updates from the others about how to spot them.

Signing off, live long & prosper,