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Demon's Souls

Hey guys its Connor (not Conor) oh and before we start the punctuation will be terrible due to the fact i have no comma key  and have to use a ds stylus to work it don’t ask .
Now fortunately I have all of the all gaming platforms from handheld gba’s  to monster like pc's so my reviews will be all over the shop :P. Oh yeah and another thing i will be mainly on the youtube channel of the blog because they like to exile me from the page and plus  i do the audio reviews but for future reference when you see purple font it’s me :D

So down to the good stuff.  my review is on demon’s souls for the playstation 3 i will be referring to demons souls as DS throughout this review so shape up :D.

ok so let me start by saying  DS is difficult no sorry it’s very difficult but with some time, dedication and a lot of new controllers you will triumph over this game. The story is bewildering to most people but basically the kingdom of boletaria is surrounded by a mysterious fog that has summoned demons and took over the entire kingdom. The kingdom is consisted of 5 worlds known as archstones and within these worlds are 4 areas so world 1-1,1-2,1-3 a bit like Mario but with one castle and no princess. The task of your character is to destroy the demons and collect the “demon’s souls” hence the name.

in case you’ve not really noticed the game is a rpg. A eastern rpg not to be confused with a JRPG that’s a totally different ball game anyway down to the the game. So the game is rpg so you have to pick a character to play as from a dirty thief to a spoilt rotten royal to a hurr durr barbarian yes this game has it all. The game is “mostly” single player if you play it offline. However  it doesn’t give you the option to play offline single player whilst signed in on psn so  you have to play online which is where another difficulty comes in the other players buts that’s for later so I’ll stick to single player for now.  The games tutorial vaguely explains how to play by telling you to how to  attack,block,dodge the “basics” if you will however it doesn’t tell you the way to approach a “fodder” enemy (usually a weak enemy that the game spams you with).  Literally a fodder enemy will kill you within two hits maybe three if you’re lucky. Any enemy must be taken with extreme caution and a tactics ready for him which is why the game takes so damn long because if you die you have to start at the beginning of the level apparently that pissed off jimmy so he stopped  playing  :D

 another thing the game lacked for me was structure you could take on any world at any time which is a bit unsettling for example I worked my way through world 1-2 running across a battlement of a castle dodging fire breathing dragons to get to the boss man “tower knight” and be instantly flattened tea bagged and have my corpse treated like a sex doll which was extremely frustrating  and yet this was world 1-2 still the beginning  of the game. And this wasn’t even the hard part of the game. 

I hear you saying “multi-player what rpg has multiplayer accept WoW omg WOW NEEEERRRRD!!... well Ethan and jimmy probably might say that  but meh screw em) the multiplayer has 4 functions  Piss You Off ,Piss You Off ,Piss you off and oh yeah PISS YOU OFF.

Pretty much if you’ve died within the world you will return as a spirit with nothing this is where you can put your “soul stone” down so you become a Banksy of your world tagging the floors so people can summon you to their would but none of them do because their either arrogant or just good at the game and on the rare occasion you do get summoned the guy that summons you sucks and I mean walk into walls sucks.
A second feature is that you get  to invade another person’s world “attempt” to kill them steal their souls (the currency of DS), decrease their level and get your body back   but that all goes tits up when you get pwned by a Japanese god at the game and you loose a level and end up back at square -1.
The third function of the online is where you leave little messages for each other like lovelorn couples “beware of fall ahead” (placed next a gaping hole) “use fire on an enemy” ( I love you) but this also goes tits up because people just spam you with “PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS MESSAGE” due to the fact when your message gets recommended your character gets so happy with himself that somebody loves them they get a power boost.
And finally the worst part of the online in the dark depressing world of tower of latria (3-1,3-2,3-3) you can place your souls stone anywhere and if no-one summons you the “old monk” the boss of the world will make you his bitch to kill other players instead of him doing it now this is an awesome feature t it works both ways 9 times out of ten you get raped (refer to “tower knight experience)

The most difficult aspect of the game is when you finally complete it the games restarts back at word 1-1 like you’ve just started playing again but this time it’s called DS+ with enemies 50% harder than usual and this goes on up to 7 times with everything getting 8% harder on every subsequent play through if that doesn’t make your jaw drop you need therapy. 

I don’t think most people would think that I actually love this game surprisingly yeah it has its faults but its damn good I enjoyed this game so much and yes I did complete it took me a game time of 24hrs to do so around 2 months of on and off playing and to round up here’s a boss scenario describe.
AHHEM (cough cough)  ok so its world 5-3 I think it’s the last level where you face maiden astrea but no wait theres another boss wtf 2 boss’s. so its garl vinaland there is loads of pathways really high up but if you fall from there you will fall into a pit of blood where you instantly catch the plague get swarmed by dead foetus’s (plague babies) and die and it doesn’t help that you fight garl on a path the same size as an anorexic model and his weapon is massive this part took me 4 hours to do and I lost track of how many times I died.

Overall Rating 9.0
+ Awesome Game
+ Actually challenging
-          Bad online
-          VERY CHEESY STORY e.g “your our last hope”
-          Bad Voice Acting

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