Monday, 18 October 2010

Hi There.

Right. This is just a post to start off this little blog. Well, not little for long, we hope!
The main aim of this is to show our love for games, and generally share that with the world. Hey, we're not Pitchfork, but we can sure try!
"We" consists of 7 people. James (me), Conor, Ethan, Jimmy, Sean, Antony & Connor. We've all chosen specified areas too! We should fall into them in a bit. At first we'll just be doing a few to get into the mood of things.
  • James - Handheld/ Online
  • Conor - Xbox360/ iPod apps
  • Ethan - PC/ Retro Nintendo 
  • Jimmy - PS3
  • Sean - PS3/PS2/PS3
  • Connor - Xbox360
  • Antony - Wii
We think we've got a lot of bases covered here. But there's always room for more. Maybe a Wii? We can all use a Wii from time to time.
Anyway, that's just an brief introduction from me. You should get to know us all a whole lot better in the future!
To get to know us faster, here's our twitters:
@DeadOnYourHead (James)
@ConorChriscoli (Conor)
@The_Keytard (Ethan)
@Gooseicles (Connor)
@SeanNestor44 (Sean)
@Itsantony (Antony)
@TheEagleClaaaw (Jimmy)

And yeah, this is how you'll be seeing my posts. Helvetica & orange. I'm obviously hardcore. You'll get updates from the others about how to spot them.

Signing off, live long & prosper,

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